Don't Be Cranky!!! I don't understand how people can start their day off cranky all the time. If you get the pleasure of waking up to another day be thankful for it. I know that every morning doesn't always start out right but you can take a deep breath and decide that your day will be wonderful. How many of work with someone that you never know what kind of mood they will come to work in. You have to tip toe around them to see if they are in a good enough mood to talk to them. I don' t understand it. Be gratefull you have been given another day. Like I said I know everyday doesn't start out great but before its time to interact with people take a deep breath ask the good Lord to change the direction of your day move on. I heard some great advice one time. We things are tough just put on a fresh coat of paint and fordge a head. Turn that frown upside down, today is a new day, make the best of it. Have a good day and don't be cranky!