It is amazing what you can hide with a smile. Everyday we encounter people of different shapes, sizes, and colors, and for the most part they all look the same. Most of the time you can tell what kind of state people are in by the expression on their faces and their body language. If they are frowning, they are probably sad, if they are laughing they are probably happy, and if they have a stern look they are probably mad. Its those people with a smile that can fool you.

Everyone has a person in their lives that is always the strong one and always has it together.  They are that person who is the glue that holds everything together, or so it may  seem. Don't be fooled. A smile can't always be telling the truth. You can hide a lot with a smile. Don't always take things at face value.

We are so caught up in life these days and are so busy on the move, most of the time we see a smile and think everything is ok. When in all honesty the smile is just a mask, hiding the fact they are doing everything they can to hold it together.

Examine the people around you. See who they really are. Take the time find out what is  really inside. Sometimes people just want to know someone cares.

Touch a life today! Make a difference in someone else's life. Stop being consumed with selfish intentions. Maybe if we all stopped thinking so much about ourselves and stopped to consider someone else, this world just might be a better place.

I tell you all the time to make a difference in someone's life today, have you done it? Try it one time. Buy someone's lunch, hold the door open for someone. Step outside your own comfort zone to do something for someone besides yourself.

Even the strongest of people need a hand sometimes.