They saw all good things must come to an end but why does it have to be our favorite tv shows? Why can't our favorite shows be like soap operas? They have been on the air for 30 years or so.
In the early 2000's we said goodbye to Friends, Will and Grace and I had been watching Beverly Hills 90210 since I was a kid. All gone only to be remembered by reruns.
Last night I said good by to another one of my favorite shows, Private Practice. Private Practice came as a spin off of Grey's Anatomy. Addison Forbes Montgomery was the wife, who became the ex-wife of Dr. Shepard on Grey's and decided her time in Seattle was done, so they moved her to California and started Private Practice.
In California, Addison joined a clinic run by her best friend and her ex husband and the story went from there. Private Practice was very dramatic and suspenseful, I guess that's why I liked it.

Vivian Zink / ABC via Getty Images