Phil Robertson, known as the Duck Commander, may be leaving the reality series Duck Dynasty on A&E.

As many of you know Duck Dynasty follows a Louisiana family and their duck call making business. The father Phil Robertson started a duck call business, that later was passed down to his sons.

Duck Dynasty has now become a house hold name and show that many Americans anticipate the airing of the next episode.

Duck Commander Phil Robertson, the head of the family was recently interviewed by

Facebook/Phil Robertson

magazine, he was asked how long he thought he would stay on the show. He said he said, quote, "Not long, but I think it'll go on without me." He did not comment further but we think it is safe assume he will be in season four. Season four of Duck Dynasty begins August 14th.

Willie Robertson, Phil's next to youngest son and CEO of Duck Commander says they did the show because they thought it would be good for business and it definitely has been.  Willie also goes on to say the show has brought the family "a whole lot closer." He adds, quote, "It's probably the opposite of most reality shows.  And nobody gets a big head because we're doing it all together."

There you have it, Jack! Phil maybe be done but let's hope the rest aren't. I sure would miss Jase and Si.