Eric Paslay's self-titled debut album finally hitting stores was a dream come true for the Texas native. He was so excited, in fact that he stopped by Walmart to pick up a copy, but the cashier didn't believe it was him!

Being that he's relatively new to the music scene, many country fans might not recognize Paslay if he was in their checkout lane -- even with a convincing story.

“I maybe bought some creamer or something with it," Paslay shares of his shopping trip (quote via Country Weekly). "Coffee creamer and my album."

The checkout lady didn't recognize the singer from the album cover. “And the girl checks it out, and she looks at the record and she kinda looked at me and looked at the record and put it in the bag,” Paslay adds.

Of course, the singer couldn't contain his excitement, he just had to share the news with her -- even if she didn't believe him. “I said, ‘I’ve been probably been waiting over 10 years for that record to come out,’" he says. "She goes, ‘Wow, 10 years? How did you know that?’ I said, ‘Well, it’s my record.'"

But the cashier still didn't believe Paslay was who he said he was, so she took it upon herself to call in backup for confirmation.

“She definitely pulled open the record and called every Walmart assistant over to check it out and ask if it was really me," the singer concludes. "But it was kinda fun."

Somehow, we think it won't be long before everyone recognizes the 'Friday Night' hitmaker!