My favorite color of blue comes on a box with the word Tiffany and Co printed on it. Ok, it may not be every girls favorite of blue but, I guarantee a girl won't mind what's in the box. I may not ever get to have breakfast at Tiffany's, but it sure is nice to wear their jewelry.

There is just something about getting that little blue box from Tiffany and Co. have always been a fan. When I was in Las Vegas a few years ago I took my winnings and bought a Tiffany and Co bracelet. Since then I have always wanted the necklace to match.

As many of you know, most normal budgeted folks,like myself  just don't walk in purchase something from Tiffany's, its something you have to plan for. Or in my case won't spend that much money on myself for something like that. So in saying that I haven't quite managed to budget in an expense  to Tiffany's.

You know how I am always taking about doing something nice for someone else and paying this forward, well someone did something really nice for  me.  To my surprise I got a phone call telling me there was a package waiting for me at the UPS place for me to go and pick it up.

I got down there and picked up my package, it was a little blue box with white ribbon! On the outside of the box it said Tiffany and Co. Inside the box was the necklace I had been wanting for years.

I just want to say THANK YOU to the great person who gave this girl her favorite color of blue!