Even if you have the best job in the world, sometimes something pops up that just bugs the life out of you! I love coming to work! I will tell you I have the best job on the planet, so what could make me disgruntled? The Keurig! How could a coffee maker infuriate me? It drives me insane to go get a cup of coffee and there is no water in the darn thing. How hard is it to fill up the pot when you get the last cup. What gets me the most is that while you are standing there (doing nothing)  waiting for your  cup  of coffee, you can't walk to the sink and refill the pot. No that would cause you to exert too much energy. Be considerate! If you know you took the last cup, be kind and refill. Its really not that hard. All I want is a cup of coffee, is that too much to ask for?