So I had my Suddenlink TiVo set to record Grey's Anatomy last night.  I could tell from the last few episodes that this particular show was going to be an important show one way or another.
The first dark clouds appeared when my eHarmony girl, who I refer to as Shopgirl, sent me an email ticked off because her mom had texted her and gave away the ending!  She was pretty upset, to say the least.  To give her credit, she didn't give away the ending for me.  So my plans were to catch up with the show this weekend.
Then I woke up the morning and innocently logged into Facebook.  What was splashed all over the newsfeed?  The ending of last night's show!
Finally, I opened my email.  I take People Magazine, which sends me an email on entertainment news every  morning.  The FIRST thing in the email was a huge headline that said "Spoiler:  Blah Blah Blah."  And the head line gave away the ending of the show!  How do you give a spoiler alert when the damn ending of the show is in the text of the HEADLINE??????
So I'm going to save that hour watching Grey's Anatomy and delete the show off my TiVo.  I'll just watch Nashville instead.  Don't tell me how it ends!