Rise and Shine!

We all have our routines we do in the mornings and if anything messes up that routine, it throws our whole day off. Here are four things that you should do first thing in the morning, to make you feel better and make your day more productive!

1. Don't roll over and make your phone the first thing you check. Checking your phone, whether it's email, Facebook,or whatever, makes you more likely to check it more frequently throughout the day. Avoiding this behavior first thing in the morning, you are less likely to become addicted.

2. I know some of you are go getter's, but you should not just hop right out of bed. You should roll over on to your side, sit up and let your legs hand off the bed. Then sit straight up for a few seconds.

3. Stretch! It helps wake you up and makes you less likely to pull a muscle.

4. Hold off on that first cup of coffee! You should instead, have hot water with lemon. It helps jump start your metabolism and it's good for your throat!

Above all your should thank the good Lord for waking you up and giving you another day, and ask Him to help you through the day!

George Marks/Getty Images