You all know we are big Starbucks fans around here, so you know we are always down to try their new features. Yesterday, our main man Gary, was nice enough to bring us a, Frapula.

Frapula, which is named after Dradula, is the limited time only, drink for Halloween. To me it taste like candy, perfect for Halloween. I of course love it because it is filled with chocolate.

The ombré-layered drink has an inky layer of mocha sauce at the bottom, then whipped cream, followed by a white chocolate mocha core, which serves as the base of the drink. Raspberry syrup is drizzled around the inner rim of the cup, giving it that dripping-blood effect, and the whole thing's topped with a swirl of whipped cream, because a Frappuccino is hardly a Frappuccino without it.  Delish