Friday Night Lights! Its not a cliche, its the truth. Many West Texans anticipate the glow of those lights. It's more than just a story that came out of Permian High School. Its a feeling. It means high school football has returned. Those lights not only light up the sky they  fire up a community. People of all ages come together every Friday night to support "their" team. Flags are flown, shorts are worn, and faces get painted to get ready for game time.  There is a since of pride that is displayed.  It's funny how everything stops on Friday night for football games. All around town the chatter consisted of the game that lies ahead. Good thing LoneStar 92 carries high school football every Friday night. Even if you can't make it to the game, you never have to miss those lights. They will still shine brightly through your radio and you never have to miss a minute.