It's time for me to start planting flowers in the yard and getting it ready for summer. It is so hard in West Texas sometimes to keep beautiful flowers because it get so hot. And the fact that I don't have a green thumb.

I love to have all kinds of plants and flowers in my back yard. Last year I had all kinds of flowers. One of my favorites is a Crepe Mertle I tried to plant four of them and not one of the grew. I have to have easy flowers like petunias. I did have luck with my hibiscus. I love hibiscus, they are so pretty and come in so many beautiful colors.

I tried to do rose bushes one year and my dog peed all over them and killed them. I was so disappointed!

I just want my back yard to look like a tropical oasis.  But I am not very

good at keeping things a live. Can anyone recommend any good plants for me to put out side?