More information on the highly anticipated forthcoming Garth Brooks album is slowly trickling in. The legend -- who is making a monstrous comeback in 2014 -- has announced the title, 'Man Against Machine,' also sharing the cover art.

With a name like that, the album art is very fitting. Brooks looks stern and tough in the image, with his arms folded across his chest in a very 'come at me, bro' manner. He's serious -- his face shows that -- and he's dressed in all black, including sunglasses to hide his friendly eyes.

The album, coming via Pearl/RCA Nashville, is set for a Nov. 11 release and includes Brooks' current single, 'People Loving People.'

"Music has always been a reflection of where mankind is at the time," Brooks explains of his forthcoming record. "For 14 years, I have watched heart and soul, dreams and individualism, fighting for their very existence in a world of increasing technology. This album is a reminder to all those who dream, work, and fight for what they believe; do not give up your vision."

'Man Against Machine' is available for preorder both on Brooks' personal website and on GhostTunes. Additionally, fans can buy the bigger bundle with all eight of his studio albums, which have been digitally updated, his new live 25th Anniversary Edition with 30 songs and videos, as well as the new single and a bonus track, 'Send 'Em on Down the Road.'

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