Girl problems, guys don't understand happen all the time, and i'm not talking about personal ones. Girls go through so much just to get ready for the day. Now, I know some guys to take longer than girls to get ready but they still don't have to go through as many dangers. What's the worse thing men could face, cutting themselves while shaving?

Women can cut themselves while shaving too, but those are not the dangers I am talking about. Just for an easy start, if we are not careful we could poke our selves in the eye with eye liner or mascara. Let's not even mention tweezing, not a fun time. In most cases you guys can just go get a hair cut and throw some gel in your hair, not us girls. We have to go through the process of cutting, coloring, conditioning, teasing, spraying and more.

But, I would have to have the biggest problem girls have that guys don't , is the risk of the burn. The majority of men will never be burned by a curling iron or a flat iron. And it just so happens the parts that we burn are the most sensitive. Our ears, our, neck, our face, and even our chest.

One time I was straightening my hair with the flat iron and I wasn't all the way dressed and I dropped the flat iron on my chest. It was a nasty, nasty burn. It was at least a 2nd degree burn. It was horrible! But my latest incident happened yesterday, I burned the side of my face. I was curling my hair yesterday morning and hit the curling iron on the side of my face around my eye. Everyone kept asking me yesterday, what happen to your face?

We women can be as careful as we can and sometimes its still not enough.  What is one of your most dangerous getting ready injuries?