Guy Clark died on May 17, 2016 after suffering from several illnesses, and after a proper memorial service and funeral, it has been revealed that the iconic songwriter's ashes will be incorporated into a sculpture.

Tamara Saviano, Clark's biographer, shared a note on Facebook revealing the songwriter's request.

“Guy’s last wishes were clear,” she writes. “At some point in his waning years, his lyrical request —'Susanna, oh Susanna, when it comes my time, won’t you bury me south of that Red River line' —changed to instructions to be cremated, with his cremains sent to Terry Allen to be incorporated into a sculpture. 'I think that would be so f---ing cool,' Guy said at the time. 'Sure, leave me with a job to do,' Terry joked."

Saviano reveals that Clark had suffered from many health problems in his last few years on earth, including lymphoma, heart disease, diabetes and bladder cancer.

“We were lucky to have him years longer than we’d expected," she says. "The last three months of his life were especially brutal; he spent most of them in a nursing home. By the end, Guy’s only goal was to go home to die—to be in the place he loved, surrounded by his art, books, and music. With the help of friends and hospice workers, he made it."

Clark was 74 at the time of his death. The Nashville Songwriter Hall of Famer and Grammy winner is most known for his song "Desperados Waiting for a Train," which he penned about a man named Jack Prigg. Prigg was living in Clark’s grandmother’s hotel while Clark lived there with his family as a boy in Texas.

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