Last night AT&T Stadium held the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. It was a record setting crowd without a record setting show. To me it was, ok! I thought the show was a bit of a bore.

To start things off, where was the hilarious intro where Blake and Luke crack jokes and poke fun at people?

Did anyone notice we never saw George Strait again after his performance? Where did he go? Martina McBride looked stunning but could she not hit the high notes anymore?

I loved the performances, but there were too many themes of the night! There was the five celebrated artists, then the other performances, then the awards, and then Alan Jackson signing the 9/11 song remembering the Oklahoma City bombing.

The most amazing performance of the night was Garth Brooks singing with the military and being introduced by Chris Kyle's wife.

I loved George, Reba, and Kenny's performances! That is a given because I'm a huge fan. I even thought Florida Georgia Line's performance was a little bland.

I would love to know what you thought? What did you think was great or not so great?

Cooper Neill, Getty Images