Last night on American Idol the top nine took the stage. The theme for the night was music from the Beatles. I wasn't a huge fan of the theme but I don't really know a lot of the Beatles music. Actually as I listen I knew some of the songs but had no clue they were Beatles songs.

First up was Kree Harrison. Kree performed "With a Little Help From My Friends," The Wonder Years theme song. Kree did a great job. For me, I thought it was too easy for her. She has an amazing voice and I think she should just bring it every week.

Burnell was up next. I think he did a good job. I think he will be safe. I don't think he runs the risk of going home.

Amber performed "She's Leaving Home." I think she is good but for some reason I am just not a huge fan. That could be because I am such a big fan of a few others. I think she will be safe as well.

Lazaro, cute little Lazaro, may be in the bottom two tonight. It wasn't his best song and he had a little trouble with it. I hope he doesn't go home I like him, and I love his story.

Candice, there is nothing bad to say about Candice. She brings her A game everytime.

Paul Jolly was up next. He very well maybe in trouble. The judges were not a fan of his performance. But I can see the tween girls saving him.

Angie and Devon both did very well. I think they are both safe this week. I also agree with judges when they were talking about Angie. You can definitely see the rocker side of her.

Finishing the night was our country girl Janelle, who did great. That was a great way to close the show.

The really only negative thing I could possible say about last night's Idol is Nikki. Can some one please put a reign on her. She is blatantly defying Fox. She is way toooo much! She was even to much to Randy Jackson. I love the way Mariah ignors her. Once again thank God for Keith Urban.