First let me start off by saying, I thought over all it was a pretty good night! There were stellar performances and some that were very bland. I liked the theme of the night. The Idol catalog was a way to start the show,

I definitely think the boys are the weaker team this year. I think a girl will take the title of American Idol. I honestly think they tried to set it up that way, but who am I.

Before I get to the contestants let me start with the judges. Keith Urban, love love love him! Randy Jackson, stop just stop! Mariah, thank God she is there to provide musical input. Nikki Minaj, someone get her out of here. I think she provides nothing to the show. I cannot believe she was late for the show. She is sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. This just in this is a singing competition not a x-rated movie audition. Get rid of her.

Ok for the contestants! Last night there were only a few that stood out. First I must give props to Candice Glover. Her performance was amazing! Next in line I would have to go with Kree Anderson. Amber would have to be my third choice of the night. Now Janelle and Kree are my favorites but as Randy Jackson would say, Janelle didn't bring it. She really has to be careful with her song choices. The boys, I wasn't really impressed with any of them. I so inspired by the courage of Lazaro. He is such an inspiration. Paul Jolly needs to flirt with the women  if he wants votes. He kind of a Luke Bryan look but he needs to loosen up and shake it more. LOL!

I thought Devin tanked with Carrie Underwood's Temporary Home. The boys were on the week side last night and I do think it will be a boy that goes home tonight.