Everyone has a signature dish or two that they like to make or one others like for them to make. This is a dish I simply just like to call curry. The name might not sound scary but the ingredients might throw you off.

This dish is so simple and easy to make. First you brown a pound of hamburger meat and add some onions. Then you add some stewed tomatoes, that I like to cut up. A little salt, little pepper and curry powder. Boil some rice and then place the curry on top and serve.  Told you this was a simple dish. Here is were people raise and eyebrow and turn up there nose.

Once your dish is made then you add banana on top. That's right banana and you serve with crackers. People always say banana with meat and tomatoes? Yes the banana is what brings out the flavor.

I always tell people, don't knock until you try it. Tons of people have thought I was crazy until they tried it. Now they ask me to make it for them.