I just got back from the new Market Square grocery store.  I've been going to that store for a long time.  Since the remodeling began, it has been a pain to get in and get out.  For awhile, I thought there were more employees in the middle of the aisles than there were customers.  But it's done and it's gotten better.

Today, I went for the first time since the grand opening.  First there is the issue of Midkiff.  Someone decided it would be a great time to tear up Midkiff right next to the shopping center.  Who was the genius who thought of doing that right now?!



The actual shopping wasn't too bad, for the week of July 4th.  Then I got to the checkout aisles.  There were lines everywhere.  I picked the shortest.  I knew better but I got in this particular line anyway.  This poor lady had three rambunctious kids with her.  And her basket was overflowing.  The checkout was slow going.  But then the last item was scanned.  Then it happened....coupons!  She drug out a handful of coupons.  Holy cow!  So the scanning of the coupons took place!  Of course there was a problem.  "Customer service, line 6."  Someone had to come over and help with the coupons.  That took forever.  Finally, it was done.  Then again, it happened...she pulled out her checkbook!  First, if you're going to write a check, why don't you fill out the check while the groceries are being scanned?  That way, you only have to write in the amount.  But no. She had not even pulled out the checkbook.  The check was then scanned.  But there was another problem.  "Customer service, line 6."


Are.  You.  Kidding.  Me?


This time, it took forever to get someone over to fix the problem.


Finally, everything was done and it was my turn.  I was checked out and got out of the store.  When I finally had put the groceries in the car and returned the cart to the store, I was off.  Nope!  I'm not going to turn left on Midkiff.  That would be a suicide mission.  I'll drive all the way across the shopping center and turn down that street that runs in front of FedEx.  The problem with my "brilliant" plan was traffic was backed up from Midkiff all the way to the Loop's ramp.  So I really hadn't saved any time at all.


When I was finally able to turn right and head back to the Loop/Midkiff intersection, I saw it.  There was a homeless man, sitting in the hot sun with his sign.  All of a sudden, my problems didn't seem that important.