If you missed the concert Saturday night at Citi Bank Ball Park, you missed one heck of a show. Big and Rich along with Cowboy Troy put on a show. We all know that there are artist out there who just stand there and sing, and that all they have to do. And to some of those artist we are glad you do what you do. But if you are looking for a high energy edge of your seat kind of show, go see these guys. I know the Permian Basin now has more Big and Rich and Cowboy Troy fans than ever before. I love to see hard work pay off for great people. I can't say that I know John Rich or Big Kenny personally but I can say I do know Cowboy Troy.  Troy, a really tall, sweet guy , from Dallas, Texas with a dream. Sometimes it looks like people in the business make it over night and that's great but from some it takes time.  CBT is such an inspiration! A guy determined!  He never gave up, just kept pushing. Now he is a member of the Muzik Mafia. He is working on a new album, look for  new music soon. Many of you got to meet and take pics with CBT the other night and you got a little glimpse of what I'm talking about. A super sweet huge guy with a heart of gold.  I love to support people who work hard and do good work. Everyone need a little hickhop in their lives. What do you get when cross a hillbilly jedi and some hickhop.....one good time! Great Show! Can't wait to see them again.