Yesterday I came across and interesting article. READ HERE. A high school football coach has suspended his entire team and actually has the support of the parents.

Matt Labrum, head football coach at Union High School in Roosevelt Utah, has handed down extreme punishment to his entire team, he suspended them all.  Most would think parents would have been out raged, and since coaches are hired and fired based on their record, most would think he would have been let go. This was not the case.

When Coach Labrum learned of his team's off the field activities, he could not continue to allow them to represent his team. He learned some were misbehaving in class, had bad attitudes toward teachers, skipping classes, had failing grades, and a serious allegation of cyber bullying. He felt they did not deserve to play on them team, so he suspended them all. He also informed them they would have to earn their uniforms and spots on the team back.

Usually in situations like this, sometimes an outrage from parents is seen. Not in this case. The parents of these students and administrators were very supportive.

At a later practice Coach Labrum handed out a code of conduct that would be required to be followed and list of requirements the boys would have to meet. In order to earn their jerseys back the boys would have to perform such acts as community service and time donated to a local senior center. They were also required to write a report on what they had learned from this experience.

Coach Labrum said quote: “We felt like everything was going in a direction that we didn’t want our young men going,” said Labrum, a former player of the team he’s coached for the last two seasons. “We felt like we needed to make a stand.”


I think it says a lot that this coach cared more about the over well being of a group of young men then the importance of extra circular activities If I was a parent I would 100% behind him. It is reassuring that an educator cares more about a student than his own record.

What do you think do you think, was  this coach was too extreme?