A lot of us think the snooze button was one of the best things ever invented. But was it really? Think about it in the grand scheme of things. Getting to sleep ten more minutes, when you could have actually slept a full 30 more minutes. How is that you ask? Because if  your like me you hit the snooze two or three times. Which means I could have set my alarm for 30 minutes later and had 30 minutes of continuous sleep, instead of 3 sets of ten minutes. I will be the first to admit I am queen of the snooze. If it wasn't for the snooze I would over sleep everyday. I tell myself I'm just gonna lay here 10 more minutes and fall back into a deep sleep. If had turned the alarm off I would be in trouble but since I hit the snooze it will wake me up in few. Plus the snooze gives you a little comfort when you wake up and know you can lay back down for ten more minutes. Love it or hate it thank goodness for the snooze button.