How far would you go to protect your child? Would you let your child have plastic surgery? I read a story today about a mother who let her child go under the knife. In most cases people would say this mother was insane.  This teenager  had recently had her ears pulled back and her nose worked on.

In most cases I would say NO!! But this time Im going to agree. The reason this girls parents allowed her to resort to these extreme measures had to with their  childs well being. It wasn't because she didn't like the way she looked, it was because she was constantley bullied by her peers. The parents explained this wasn't just your normal kids are being kids teasing their daughter. It was starting to take a toll on this childs well being and self image.

My question is, would you go that far? I'd have to say I probably would. As a kid who was teased often by my peers, its tough to deal with. In this situation I think the mama bear syndrome kicked in and this mama did what she could to defend her child. If this had been a situation of a child who just didn't like the way she looked, I would have said no.  People can ridicule this mother all they want but I say it's protecting her child any way she could. Do you agree?