Over the weekend we saw some extreme cases of severe weather, from crazy hail storms to a tornado. Do you know what to do in case of severe weather?

The first thing to do is always have a plan. According to Ready, you should know your risk and be ready to take action.

1. Make sure to pay attention to all weather watches and warnings.

2. Be  aware of your surrounds and situations. All w

ays seek shelter

3. Have a plan, especially  in your home, know to safest place in your home to retreat to.

5. Have supplies. Water, flash lights, food, batteries.....

6. Never ever try to out run a storm.

Go to the inner most part of your house. Stay away from all windows and doors. A sayfe place to be in in the bath tub unless there are many windows in your bath tub.

Do you know in the case of a tornado you should crack the windows in your home, so the pressure doesn't build up and the windows aren't blown out of your home.

Please be safe this storm season and be prepared.