Hunter Hayes is gearing up for his big Tattoo (Your Name) Tour, and he prepared in a big L.A. way! The singer took the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' outdoor stage in Los Angeles to perform 'Tattoo.'

Hayes spent his Thursday night (Sept. 4) playing the song in front of a gigantic crowd at the stage, which sits near Hollywood Boulevard. Kimmel introduced the young (and adorable) singer to the crowd while showing his newest album, 'Storyline.' The crowd screamed and cheered as the camera panned to Hayes, who was front and center.

The 'I Want Crazy' singer asked the crowd to put their hands in the air and clap along with him as the song began. With a crowd of clapping fans, he started to strum his electric guitar and, of course, jump to the beat. This night, Hayes left his trademark white shirt at home and instead opted for a blue one with dark denim jeans.

When Hayes began to sing, he paused on the guitar and instead picked up the mic to get closer to his adoring audience. He gave a few hand slaps and sang to the crowd, who sang the words back to him. His energy was electric, and the audience danced along to the catchy love song.

Hayes' Tattoo (Your Name) Tour kicks off Oct. 30 at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center in Pennsylvania. He has tour dates through December, hitting both the United States and Canada until just before Christmas. Check out a full list of dates for the upcoming tour here.

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