I am so ready for vacation! For the past several years my friends and I have been on cruises, two of them being LoneStar 92 cruises. So now my friends and I have started a yearly cruise.

This year we are going on an eight day cruise in September. It is so hard to watch everyone go on their summer vactions, knowing mine is so far off. But I know the wait is worth it.

I have been blessed enough to have been to Jamaica, Cozumel, The Caymans, and the Bahahams. This year we get to go to St. Thomas, Grand Turk, Puerto Rico, and Tortola. We are also extending our cruise time. We are going for eight days instead of 7. We love cruises.

To us cruising is the most economic vacation. For one price you get eight days of hotel rooms, 24/7 room service, activities, entertainment, 5 star dining. Plus you get to stop at some great places.

I can't wait to just lay on the deck and soak up the sun. I also can't wait see beautiful crystal clear beaches and soak up the sun there as well.