I have the power to make you believe whatever I want you to believe. I can tell you   anything and nine times out of ten you would believe whatever I said! Why, because you trust me and I would never lie to you!

As member of the media, I am saddened by media as a whole today! We have gone from reporting the news and entertaining stories to manipulating masses of people! We have the power to take  the smallest of stories and turn them into national controversies and that is what many strive to do! I myself am very saddened by this.

I am also saddened by the fact that people just believe what they hear or see and assume it's fact. You know what happens when you assume?

As an example of what I am talking about, this is strictly hypothetical!

I could have come to work telling all of you that my toothpaste make is out to damage people's teeth because I broke a tooth this morning brushing my teeth. I could tell you don't ever use them, they are bad, and out to get you! When, in all actuality I was brushing my teeth to aggressively. It had nothing to do with the tooth paste, but yet I have now made you stop using that tooth paste.

And, if you would have done your research, you would have known I was mad at myself for damaging my own teeth. See how easy it was for make you think something was bad.

My point to you this morning is to educate yourself before you jump to conclusions and don't just believe what you are told! And to the media, it is our job to report the facts, not our opinion or what we think.

The great thing about this country is we are given the opportunity to decide for ourselves and don't have to believe what we are told. Lets hold tightly to that liberty!