I got the best surprise yesterday driving down the interstate, BUC-EE'S! Yesterday, my sister and left Austin headed to Waco and driving north on I35 I see a sign that says BUC-EE'S 16 miles and I almost lost it! I love that place.

I think I scared my sister half to death. She had no idea what I was so excited about. I love BUC-EE'S! To me, it is one of the coolest places, you can get everything there.

Of course, my favorite thing is BUC-EE'S Nuggets! They are the best! I love that place so much I had to get a shopping basket. Not everything was for me. People were placing orders, for me to bring back! LOL

As you can see in the pic, how excited I was!  Don't you love BUC-EE'S? I ask them to bring one out west!