Sunday is Mother's Day and I would like to salute my Mom. I have to thank my Mom for the person I am today. Although when I was younger, like most kids, I thought she was the meanest thing ever!

It is true, I never thought my mom could become one of my best friends. When I was growing up, my Mom and I never saw I to eye. I thought she was mean and never let me do anything, to me she was too over protective. I remember when I was about to go to college and live in the dorms, I told her I was going to stay out until three in the morning just because I could and she couldn't do anything about it!  Little did I know she was shaping me for the person I am today.

Even when I was in college, we definitely didn't see eye to eye. I wanted to be grown and she still wanted to protect me. There were times we would go for days without talking and if I saw my parents, I would meet them at my aunts house here in Midland.

Now things are totally different! It's weird for me to go a day without talking to my my. I see my parents almost every weekend, they usually come stay with me. I look forward to Sunday afternoon shopping with my Mom and the Sunday morning breakfast around the table.

I also want to thank my Mom for excepting me for who I am and loving me even if she didn't always  like the decisions I made. She truly has made me the person I am today. She made me tough, a hard worker, determined, and given me plenty of material to talk about on the radio! LOL

I just want to say Happy Mother's Day and I love you!