OMG! If this would have happen to me I would have had to change my draws! LOL

According to FOX NEWS, a  family was leaving Yellowstone National Park a few weeks ago when they stopped to watch some bears grazing.  David Peters said of his bear encounter:

"They were just grazing mostly on the grass and weren't bothering anybody," Peters said toldKELO. "Then one of the bears decided to check out one of the cars across the street and he did. Then he dropped down and bee-lined right for our vehicle."

Peters said the experience of having the bear was more exciting than scary.

"It wasn't really scary for me and my wife; we'd seen bears before," Peters stated. "The bears didn't show any sign of aggression, they were more curious than anything else.


Once again, I say I would have probably pooed myself a little, if not a lot! LOL! See for yourself. I know I would not have been so calm and would have done a whole lot of praying!