Jack Hanna is coming to the Wagner Noel this Sunday and I would love to be his assistant! But since they are trained professionals, I would probably just get to watch from the front row!

Miami Herald/Getty Images

Dogs and Cats are very common house hold pets. People even have snakes and rabbits and hamsters and gerbils.  I am talking about those that normal everyday people dream about having. If I could have any pet in the world, there would be three I would have!

First of all you all know I would have an alligator! I would love to have a big pond in my yard to keep him in. The next people I would love to have is a chimpanzee or some kind of monkey! I think it would be fun! Kind of like having a kid but you could keep it in a a cage!

The third dream pet of mine would be a tiger, but not a mean one. How cool would that be to have a Bengal tiger! I would probably let it sleep with me!

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