Everyone has been talking about the song Mindy McCreedy recorded before she died, so I decided to take a listen. Many people are speculating that it could have possibly been a suicide note.  You can listen below for yourself.

I think this story is so tragic not just because a woman took her own life and 2 children were left with out their mother but that she was so far gone. Mindy McCreedy had a history of sucidial actions. She had tried to kill herself twice before. Its not my place to judge and by no means am I. But I do have to question where were the people in her life that cared about her?

I understand her father had her committed just days before she ended her life, but if you know you are dealing with a woman of her mental state why leave her alone. How did she get a gun?Why were her kids not enough to live for. I just feel so sorry for her children.

So many questions that will never be answered. Take a listen to her song I'll See You Yesterday.