I will be camping at CrudeFest this year, will you? CrudeFest 2015 is just a few weeks away and you are running out of time to get your camping spaces.
This is my first year to actually camp out at Crudefest. I hear all the crazy stories about what happens during the after party and now I get to see it for myself.

For all you veteran campers can you give me some tips? What should I bring? Food, water, tents, chairs, bbq pit? Help a first timer out!

This year you can add something new to your campsite, your own Port-O-Potty. That's right you can have your own bathroom at your campsite. You can visit thecrudefest.com from details!

We are going to have such a good time! Get your camping spaces now so we can all hang out together!

Charley Gallay/Getty Images