NICHE has released it's list of the safest towns in Texas and I just happen to be from one of the top five. Seminole ranked number four on the 2015 NICHE Rankings.
There were several West Texas towns on the list in the top 50.

I am not surprised by Seminole being on the list. Growing up there was hardly and crime at all. I can only remember maybe a few drug busts and one stabbing my whole life. We all grew up in a very sheltered town. If anyone did anything illegal, they were bad, bad people. We never really knew what drugs were, we weren't around them. There definitely were in school and once again, if someone had them, they were bad, bad.

The top 5 cities were:



  • Muleshoe
  • I can tell you personally, I know why Seminole was at the top of the list. It's a great place to, live, raise your kids, work, and go to school. Seminole is second to none.

    You know it's true what they always say! You're always 17 in your hometown.

    See the Full List here and see where your hometown ranked!