People constantly doubt the Dallas Cowboys. Love them,hate them, they are America's Team. I don't think there is a team more talked about than the Dallas Cowboys. Tonight they are heros, but let them make one mistake and they are the worst ever. Tonight all the glory goes to Tony Romo, but we have all seen how quickly people shun him. I love to watch this happen. Can you say BANDWAGON! I have been a Tony Romo fan since Tony was the third string quarter back. In fact my dog's name is ROMO. Tomorrow morning everyone will be chanting go Cowboys.

This years they seem different. They walk with an air of confidence, but at the same time not with arrogance. Even Rob Ryan has kept quiet and only talked about hard work. I hope this is a glimpse of a new Dallas Cowboys, where their focus is hard work and determination. That is what pays off, not alot talk and hype.

Job well done tonight Boys! Keep the momentum!