Dallas Cowboys finally win a home opener! What a game?! The New York Giants were undefeated in AT&T Stadium, but Dallas finally over came the stats.

The game ball should go to the Dallas defense. The opening play of the game resulted in a New York turn over, with an interception by Demarcus Ware. The defense carried the Dallas team the entire time. It is so nice to see this defense back on track.

Tony Romo gave Dallas fans a scare right before the end of the first half. He came out and finished the game. Hopefully it wasn't another one of those situations where he played the hero and did more damage in the long run. We definitely did not anticipate the back playing in the first game .

There were some ups and downs but overall the "Boys" pulled it out and its a check not only in the win column but a divisional win! Way to go Cowboys!

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