Today July, 7th is National Chocolate Day! I feel this is one holiday I must celebrate. Who doesn't like chocolate?

I pretty much all types of chocolate, white, dark, light, milk. I like chocolate with nuts, chocolate and carmel, but there are few chocolate combo's I don't care for.

I know that you will freak out when I say this but, I don't like peanut and chocolate mixed together. No butterfinger, no reese's, no cookies or cakes. I don't like the two mixed together. I also don't like chocolate and coconut! Not a fan of those combos!

I also love chocolate cake. I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I love cupcakes with chocolate and sea salt.

I do love chocolate and fruit. My favorite is chocolate covered banana's! With it being National Chocolate Day, it makes me thing of the chocolate buffet served on Carnival Cruise ships on the last full day at sea. It is so good!

There melting cake is so dreamy! A friends mind likes to call it chocolate goodness! God Bless National Chocolate Day! I think it's safe to say I love chocolate!

The Tennessean