It is National Friendship Week! There are a lot of things we would do for our friends quicker than we would do others. According to SKOUT, here are a few things we are quick to do!

1.  92% of people would drop what they were doing if their friend's car broke down.

2.  92% would be honest if they thought their friend's outfit looked terrible.

3.  84% of women would help their friend wax a hard-to-reach area . . . and 54% of men say they'd help a friend with MANSCAPING.

4.  81% of people would donate a kidney if they were a match.

5.  77% would go see their friend's favorite band, even if they hated the music.

6.  77% say they'd help a friend move even if it was during the Super Bowl.

7.  59% would cut down on drinking to support a friend who was trying to quit.  So 22%more people would rather donate a KIDNEY than drink less?

8.  56% of people would go skydiving with a friend, even if they were afraid of heights.

9.  46% would get matching tattoos with a close friend.

10.  39% would break up with someone just because a close friend didn't like them.

11.  And 38% would consider moving to a different city to follow a friend there.

This is bad but my friends know not to ask me to do things during football season. I once went parasailing against my will for my friend, but skydiving.... Oh Hell No!

I would get a tattoo with a friend before skydiving! I would definitely give them a kidney! And one last thing my friend Megan has been to several concerts with me not because she liked the music but because she knew I wanted to go!