Yes! You read that right! It might be Super Tuesday but Domino's Pizza is offering $3 Domino's Pizzas to benefit St. Jude. So in a runoff between cheese and pepperoni, I choose cheese!

Join us today at Domino's Pizza in both Midland and Odessa fro $3 pizza's to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. One dollar of every pizza sold today will go to benefit the kid's at St. Jude. We have two great locations, Midkiff and Illinois in Midland, and 42nd and Dixie in Odessa. Three dollar pizza will available from 4-6pm 

Over the past several years Domonino's Pizza has been able to donate over 1 million to St. Jude and been able to build the Domino's Event Center on the St. Jude Campus. Here they get to have prom, hold special programs, meetings, and so much more, all thanks to Domino's Pizza and their great customers!