Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling might be a Chamillionaire fan, or at least a fan of his hit single "Ridin." The novelist used a Chamillionaire lyrics to hit back at a troll on Twitter who would not let up.

The whole escapade started when Scottish Parliament member Natalie McGarry posted a screen grab of a J.K. Rowling conversation that was out of context. McGarry apologized for not providing the correct context.

"The particular screen grab from JK Rowling didn't give the correct context to her relationship with a tweeter, so for that, I apologise," McGarry wrote.

A Twitter user named Kevin Williamson responded to this tweet by telling McGarry she should not have apologized and threw some insults J.K Rowling's way.

"Why apologise to her," Williamson wrote. "She uses her obscene wealth and lawyer droids to threaten and bully. Tell the radge to bolt."

J.K. Rowling apparently caught wind of this and decided to fire back with the help of Chamillionaire.

"They see me Rowlin', they hatin," Rowling wrote on Twitter while quoting Williamson's tweet.

Twitter users began notifying Chamillionaire that the Harry Potter author used his lyrics. The Houston rapper gave his approval of Rowling's uses of his "Ridin' hook.

"I was gonna remix your tweet to 'We see them trollin' but you already took home the Grammy," Chamillionaire wrote. "Touche."

Chamillionaire might be more focused on his work in the business world these days, but perhaps this might inspire Cham to break out the pen and pad again for a J.K. Rowling inspired track..

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