Texas country star Josh Abbott made a big difference to a random woman in line at a store in Lubbock, Texas with a very simple act of kindness.

The singer-songwriter and Josh Abbott Band frontman was waiting in line at Target, and after he completed his purchase, he got back a gift card for five dollars. On an impulse, he turned around and handed the card to the woman behind him in line, reports Lubbock news station KCDB.

The woman teared up at Abbott's kindness, and he says he immediately recognized why she was struck so hard by such a simple gesture.

"I recognized that look; it was the same look my mother had when I was a kid and we were dirt poor and others helped our family financially," he writes on Instagram. "So I knew to help her more. I handed her a $100 bill and said her items were on me this time. She bawled."

The lady told Abbott that she's a teacher and a single mom, and she's been having a particularly tough year. He says there's a lesson for everyone in how such a small thing can help someone else so much.

"I guess you just never know what someone is going through and the kindness of strangers always wins the day...I've made some wrong choices in my life, and I don't believe good deeds necessarily balance it out; but I do believe in trying," he reflects.

The singer cautions that he doesn't want to come across the wrong way by writing about the incident online.

"I rarely post 'good deeds' because I feel they can come across as 'boastful' (Matthew 6:1)," he admits, saying he is posting this "in the hopes of encouraging you to help others."

"I hope this message comes across as humbly and authentic as it is intended," he adds. "It is because of all of you supporting our music that I'm able to help others in the first place. So thank you all!"

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