Our news partner NewsWest 9 shared a story of an injustice that was done to a nice lady just trying to her job.

Ms. Mae sells papers every Sunday at the corner of Big Spring and Golf Course Rd in Midland. A woman who loves what she does and does it not only for the money but for the friendships she has made. She looks forward to seeing her "friends" every Sunday.

A few Sunday's ago on her best Sunday, in which she had sold all of her papers, when a women pulled up and robbed her, stole her pouch full off money and her cell phone right out of her chair.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic woman with reddish hair driving a small silver car. If you have any information on the crime, please call the Midland Police Department.

On a positive note, Miss Mae won't let this stop her from doing what she loves. So I think this Sunday we should all serve justice for Ms Mae by stopping by and showing what one person meant for evil we could turn to good. Even if it's stopping by and saying hello or buying an extra paper.

We can't let some crooked person get away with trying to destroy the spirit of someone spectacular.


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