Kayla Adams is premiering the music video for her debut single, 'Sober & Sorry,' on The Boot.

"It was inspired by an ex-boyfriend who had a bad habit of disappearing on weekends," Adams says of the tune, which mixes the "set fire to the memories of your ex" idea of Taylor Swift's 'Picture to Burn' with the angry revenge of Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats,' and will appear on an upcoming album.

The video was directed by Yarrow Kraner and produced by Huntley Ritter, but Adams says she also had a hand in bringing it to life.

"The video concept was definitely a team effort, sort of beginning with my personal vision and then majorly built upon by people who actually make videos," she tells The Boot. "The experience was a whole new one for me ... It's definitely different performing to a camera instead of a crowd!"

Adams also lobbied to shoot the video in her home state of Montana. Friends, family and locals volunteered as extras.

"It will be the first thing a lot of people see of me,” she says. “It was important to me that they see where I’m from.”

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter is hard at work on her debut album, which will be a "very personal project," Adams says, including a mix of songs she's written or co-written and those she didn't write but connected with in some way.

"[It] is the most important thing on my plate right now," she adds. "I am focused on being open-minded about songs and continuously working on making the project better and better until the moment it is 'finished.'"