We all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. For most of us we use Facebook to keep up with people we don't see or talk to everyday. Some us it just to be nosey and some just use it to start drama. It is so funny how  people can become so annoying so quickly. It also amazes me the stuff people throw out there. Airing all their dirty laundry out there, like nothing. Somethings that should be handled off the screen.

And.... How about those people who post like 10 times a day. Those random and annoying things that get old real quick. I love the self absorbed that always cry about being alone but yet belittle people all through out their posts.

One Sunday morning a church choir had some great advice for Facebook. It is an original gospel song about Facebook. One line from the song says "Sunday you actin' like a saint / But yo Facebook status say you ain't."

Watch for yourself and feel free to share!