Kelly Clarkson took everyone back in time when she performed at the Miss Vietnam competition. The now-star sang 'A Moment Like This,' her winning song from 'American Idol,' twelve years after winning the reality competition.

Clarkson was a guest at the beauty pageant on Saturday (Dec. 6) and was able to showcase her vocal chops in order to remind everyone just why she was the first to win 'Idol.' 'A Moment Like This' her finale song after she pocketed the huge win way back in 2002.

The pop-country singer traveled all the way to Phu Quoc, Vietnam to sing at the Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort, evoking all kinds of nostalgia and emotion. Of course, Clarkson was as powerful as she ever was, looking beautiful on the stage. For her guest appearance on the pageant she wore a short black dress with gorgeous accent earrings with a beautiful turquoise center.

Even though a dozen years have passed, Clarkson hasn't missed a beat. As we know, her career has exploded since winning the inaugural season of the show. In her personal life, the singer has also married and had a beautiful little girl since the 'American Idol' victory.

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