Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj aren't a pair you'd expect to see exchanging compliments, but the two singers share ties to pop music ... and apparently a respect for each other's sexy bodies!

After a scantily-clad Minaj debuted her booty-filled 'Anaconda' video recently, Clarkson took to Twitter to share her thoughts on female rapper's bootyliciousness, declaring that someday, she'd like to rock a similar figure.

Clarkson claims it would take her a long time to to achieve the thin waistline and never-ending curves Minaj sports, and she was forthcoming in her admiration -- but she probably didn't expect a reply from her fellow star!

Minaj, who was clearly flattered by the compliments, wanted to be sure Clarkson knows that she too has a bangin' bod. The rapper called the pop-country singer "sexy" and seemed most impressed by her "booty and thighs."

While Clarkson isn't the type to step into short shorts for performances, the new mommy has still got beautiful curves that even Nicki Minaj is noticing. You go, girls!

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