Country fan and sometimes-crossover artist Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter Friday (Jan. 9) to unveil a clip of a new track from her upcoming album -- but it wasn’t just anybody rocking out to ‘Heartbeat Song.’

Clarkson’s baby girl, River, who was born in June 2014, is first seen adorably wearing a pair of headphones nearly as big as her, dancing and rocking out to the new single. Clarkson asks the little fan if she’s ready to show everybody the new song, and River seems to be all about it.

When the headphones are removed, that doesn’t stop River from shaking her groove thing while the track plays -- a hooky chorus with a powerful beat, sure to take over the radio waves in the near future. Though the song definitely sounds like a hit waiting to happen, the real star is baby River’s dance moves.

Clarkson’s album -- which she says will be primarily pop, but blend in other styles like country and R&B -- does not yet have a release date. The artist has confirmed, however, that there will be a duet with someone she’s collaborated with in the past. Could it be Reba? Could it be Martina McBride? Maybe the next sneak peek will give us another hint!

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