Kenny Chesney’s beloved tour bus, which he affectionately calls ‘Moby,’ officially crossed over to 1 million miles on a recent trip from St. Louis, Mo. to Des Moines, Iowa. One million miles is a long way for anyone to go across several vehicles, let alone in the same bus.

Unlike many artists, Chesney owns his own tour bus, so the home-away-from-home has seen its fair share of adventures. It even has its own song, "If This Bus Could Talk," which was the star's 13th No. 1 single. The old-school bus has been with Chesney from the beginning.

"It was a used Silver Eagle when I bought it, and the bank had no business lending me the money, ‘cause all I owned was a little pickup and my guitar. But I knew if I owned my bus, we could keep doing this, keep bringing the music to the people!” Chesney recalls.

Moby is like a member of the family now, there through thick and thin, connecting the country icon to where he’s from and where he’s going — both literally and figuratively.

“I always thought it was important, no matter what happened, to keep Moby on the road." he explains. "He’s seen it all, and it reminds me and the guys who’ve been here from the beginning where we came from. Right now some of the No Shoes Radio folks and the tech people are riding it, but we park it right up front ... and everybody who walks by just smiles.”

Chesney is currently on his The Big Revival tour. His duet with indie folk-rocker Grace Potter, "Wild Child," continues to climb the charts as he rolls around the country with his old friend, Moby.

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