Friday night I went to see Kenny Chesney on the No Shoes Nation Tour live in Austin. Seeing Kenny is nothing out of the ordinary because I try to do it every year.

I got to meet Kenny several years ago at a meet and greet in Lubbock. When he walked into the room I suddenly became "that girl." I was a total fan and couldn't speak.

When it was my turn meet Kenny, I totally blew it. I couldn't speak and just had the dumbest smile on my face. I was holding a guitar for him to sign and I was just standing there staring at him. He finally asked me if I wan't him to sign the guitar and I just shook my head yes.  So I always said if I got another chance I would not blow it!

This time I didn't blow it! Friday night not only did I get to go to the show but I finally got my redo! I was professional and talked to him this time. I told him our listeners loved "Pirate Flag." He gave me a squeeze and said it was the fourth song in the set that night.

I was excited like a little girl. Oh yeah the show was great too!